Fishing from a Pontoon

If you’re an angler and are looking for a boat that will allow you to fish in comfort, then look no farther than the Pontoon boat. It’s open design is is the ideal design for families or even the avid lone fisherman to enjoy a day on the water. Plus it’s shallow draft will allow you to get into places the others can only dream of.

The open layout of a pontoon fishing boat allows you plenty of room to move around, rather than being confined to one small space. Even if you have 3 or 4 other people onboard, you all will have plenty of room to cast without worrying about hooking each other. On a true fishing Pontoon, you can have one fishing seats located in each corner of the boat. So it’s easy for everyone to fish in comfort. Most Pontoons also have at least 2 gates that can be opened, and that makes landing a big fish a breeze.

fishing seats

Pontoon boats also offer the advantage of being an extremely stable platform to fish from. Traditional fishing boats tend to lean alot to one side when someone steps too far toward the boats gunwale. Not so with the Pontoon. You can walk right up to the very edge without noticeable leaning or getting that uneasy feeling that comes from typical fishing boats. And if you get a Pontoon that has non-slip Vinyl flooring, when the day is done a quick hose down of the deck is all that’s needed to make it look new again.

Another great feature of a Pontoon boat is the Bimini top. If you’ve ever been fishing on a 90+ degree day in the sun, you know what I’m talking about. Almost every Pontoon has a Bimini top that can be put up in a matter of minutes. There are also some out now that operate automatically at the push of a button for nearly instant shade. Plus the way the Bimini is constructed, you won’t lose out on any fishing comfort or room, like is often the case on other fishing boats. Also a big plus if a sudden rain storm comes up. You can still sit under cover and keep on fishing, which by the way can sometimes be the best time to fish.

fishing barge

Another advantage that the pontoon fishing boat has is lots of room for rod lockers, rod holders and tackle boxes. And with an electric trolling motor and livewells, other boats can get crowded quickly. In addition to fishing gear storage, you’ll find more than enough space to put coolers filled with cold beverages and your favorite foods and still have room to move around easily.

So if you’re considering a fishing boat, whether it’s for two people or eight, a Pontoon is hard to beat for comfort and safety on the water. And really, that’s the way it should be…

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