Protecting your Pontoon boat

Whether buying new or renovating an older Pontoon, there are a few things you need to do to protect your investment, both from the weather and a maintenance standpoint. Much of the wear and tear on the interior occurs because of improperly storing the boat and poor cleaning practiced during the boating season. When the boat is stored, one of the best ways to prevent damage and premature wear is to purchase a quality cover. A good cover will shade your boat from the suns damaging UV rays, as well as keep debris and small animals from setting up home in your Pontoon during storage periods. The life expectancy of the interior is greatly reduced when it’s not covered. Upholstery can become brittle and start cracking in as little as two years if left open to the weather (Especially the sun). This is where a good cover can save you money, and aggravation, in the long run.